Our team

Our team consists of a competent, committed and experienced group of people. Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.

Tony Duke

6th Dan


Tony has been studying Martial Arts for most of his life and is a founder member of Yamato Damashii and also our Chief Instructor.


It has been said that what Tony doesn't know about Wado Ryu, isn't worth knowing.



Carmelo Macasaddu

3rd Dan


Carmelo has a life-long interest in Martial Arts and is also a founder member of the club.


Carmelo has many interests including golf and aviation.



Paul Williams

3rd Dan


After studying Wado Ryu karate in his teens, Paul returned to Martial Arts and helped found Yamato Damashii. The club has gone from strength to strength and continues to grow.


Paul is also the Club Secretary and is looking forward to progressing his karate training to the next level.



Lucy Amphlett

2nd Dan


Lucy started her Karate training in Bromley as a teenager. She enjoyed both traditional Wadu Ryu training and also the sport side, taking part in various competitions.


Years later, Lucy returned to Karate after finding Yamato Damashii when looking for a club for her daughter to join and was able to restart her training and finally reach Shodan in 2021.

Joshua Macasaddu

1st Dan


Joshua started his karate training with Sensei Tony Duke (6th Dan) at the age of 4 and at the age of 16, has recently gained his black belt in Wado Ryu.


Joshua's love of Martial Arts has also taken him to learn Kenpo Ju Jitsu with Sensei Garry Barnes (6th Dan) where he has also gained his black belt.


Jack Williams

1st Dan


Jack started karate at age 5, under the instruction of Sensei Tony Duke (6th Dan) and progressed through the grades, reaching Shodan at the age of 16.

Huong Hoang

1st Dan


Huong is a passionate and experienced martial artist, with a background in both Karate and Judo. His journey to becoming a martial artist began years ago when he watched his son practicing karate.


Intrigued by the martial art, he decided to give it a try and has since become a karate instructor.


In addition to his expertise in Karate, Huong is also a seasoned Judo player, having competed at various levels. He is dedicated to making the classes fun and interesting.


Huong believes that martial arts can be a great way to improve fitness, build confidence and reduce stress levels and is committed to helping his students achieve their goals.


Christine Williams

Welfare Officer


Christine started her karate training in early 2013 and is currently 2nd Kyu brown belt.


Christine enjoys karate not just for the self-defence element but also the fitness side of training.

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